Happy Thursday and Tips for packing a delicious school lunch!

Hi All! Hopefully your week is going wonderfully! Things are going well here. We started school this week and are starting to get back into that groove. I now officially have a Kindergartener! How is that possible?! I must say, I held it together pretty well on the first day, only a little teary eyed in the car dropping her off.  She on the other hand was her amazing, confident self.  Although she did admit to being “A little nervous, but mostly excited.”


Of course she was a bundle of excitement when I picked her up. Recess was her favorite part of the day, as well as music and of course lunch! Kids are seriously amazing and I hope her positive outlook and confidence stick with her forever!


Next week little man starts Preschool, again! He did a two day program last year and will start a three day program on Wednesday! He has a late September birthday so he will end up doing one more year of Preschool next year before Kindergarten. He will just miss the cut off but, I think the extra year will do him good.


This is my first year packing a school lunch, which after the first week, I think I’m getting the hang of it.  She ate the entire thing, every day!  It’s very important for me to fill her belly with nutritious, fresh and real food… so I take this lunch packing thing pretty seriously! I plan on starting a weekly post containing all of her lunches for the week and here I will share her first few!


Bento boxes are all the rage right now and we jumped right on that band wagon. It’s easy to throw together a little of this and a little of that into those cute little compartments! We went with the Yumbox, which we love so far! It’s the perfect size for her, comes in cute colors, is easy to clean, and has a leakproof lid that seals each compartment. Easy for her to open and pack in her lunchbox!


I also pack a drink in a insulated water bottle as well as a snack for snack time. Packing a lunch should be a fun and creative way for you to make sure all their nutrient needs are met! I also think it’s important to include a little treat or something you know they will really love now and again. Just a little way you can make them smile and remember how much you love and miss them!


Here are some tips for packing a lunch they will love, that won’t break the bank, and that will help carry them through the day…


  1. Pack food you know they like! And food you know they will eat. Why pack them things that will get eaten and leave them hungry? Waste of money and will not help them function their best.
  2. Save time in the morning and pack their lunch the night before! This has been a life saver for us! I am half marathon training and do my runs in the morning. So I try to get the kids ready before I leave so my hubby has an easy time getting out the door with them. So this is one less thing I have to do in the mornings.
  3. Keep things simple! Things don’t have to be elaborate. With the bento boxes it’s easy to pack a little of this and a little of that.
  4. Save money by avoiding the single serving packs!  I buy a bigger bag and portion out the servings myself, this saves money overall. We like Boochickapop Popcorn and Annie’s Organic Products.
  5. Included Fresh Foods! My oldest daughter is the pickiest eater of my three. But I still make it a point to include at least some fresh fruit and vegetables in her lunch each day. I cater to what she likes. She loves cherry tomatoes and most fruits, so I included those.
  6. Pack a drink in an insulated water bottle! Don’t waste money on juice boxes or bottles of water. Buy a reusable water bottle that can be filled with their favorite drink. We like an insulated one because it keeps her drink really cold, she still has ice in it when she comes home.
  7. Include something special sometimes! I think packing their lunch should be fun for you and them. Include a special little treat or maybe a little note now and again to make them smile.
  8. Include your kiddo in the process! Let them pick what fruits or veggies they want to take, have them fill up their drink, or pick their snack. Kids are way more likely to eat when they have a say in what they are eating!
  9. Pack leftovers! We had meatball sliders for dinner the other night and had a few leftover.  So that turned into the next days lunch. If it is a meal your kiddos enjoyed and isn’t took messy it can absolutely become lunch!


OK friends, there you have it. These are a few tips I came up with to make this whole lunch packing thing easier. Check out our lunches for the week below. And I would love to hear all of your lunch ideas and any tips and tricks you can share with me. Remember I am SOOO new at this!



Applegate Farms Ham with mustard, Horizon Organic cheese, Grapes, CSA tomatoes, a pickle, Annie’s Organic Crackers, and yogurt raisins for a treat!



Applegate Farms Chicken and Horizon Organic Cheese Quesadilla, Extra Cheese on the Side, CSA tomatoes, a Pickle, Grapes, Boochickapop and yogurt raisins for a treat!



Leftover Meatball Slider, Boomchickapop, Beans, Grapes and Chocolate for a treat!



Applegate Farms Ham and mustard, Horizon Organic Cheese, CSA tomatoes, a pickle, Annie’s Organic Crackers, an apple with a little lemon juice and almond butter!

OK there ya have it! Our first week of Kindergarten in meals! Hopefully this gives you some inspiration!

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