School Lunches Vol. 1

Hi Everyone! Soo it’s Monday again… already?!? These weeks are just cruising by! I am starting to prepare for a big First Birthday for Little Miss!!! And… Christmas is just right around the corner, so I guess I need to start planning for that?!  With a few months of school under our belts I feel like we are finally on some sort of a schedule. Our days are still super busy, but they are a little easier to navigate when everyone knows what’s going on. Most days I also feel like I am getting a hang of this whole packing launch thing.

Some days I am super prepared and pack her a wholesome and healthy lunch the night before. But let’s be realistic here!  Packing a school lunch is another chore added to the huge list of things we have to do daily.  I am totally guilty of throwing a bunch of random things in her box at 7:20 AM as she is rushing out the door. On the days that I do have it together I try to pack her something that is not full of tons of crap, that will keep her full, and that she will like. See my post for tips for packing a great school lunch here!

My biggest lunch box challenge recently is trying to figure out a vegetable to pack. Big sister isn’t very picky, but uncooked veggies aren’t her fave. Up until a few weeks ago she loved cherry tomatoes. Buuut mom of the year here must have included a bad one and now she refuses to eat another tomato ever again! Five year olds are so dramatic! I have tried carrot sticks, cucumbers, and sweet peppers, but they keep coming back home. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! We have done cooked veggies from time to time, maybe I will keep doing that?

Most of the time we eat gluten free.  So I try to stick to gluten free breads, corn tortillas, and gluten free crackers as part of her meal.  But there are times that I include non gluten free foods and some treats. This past week I have been packing a small treat from our Halloween goodies. I know it is my job to pack her a healthy meal, but it is also my job to also make her day. So I usually include a little note as well to make her smile.

Most meals include a main dish, which is usually meat, cheese and crackers, a corn tortilla stuffed with something or a sandwich. I also send leftovers of whatever we had for dinner the night before from time to time. Like I said before most of our breads and crackers are gluten free and we use corn tortillas. I try to buy organic cheeses and grass fed, organic or preservative free meats when the budget allows. A fruit or two and something snacky like popcorn or animal crackers is usually part of her lunch as well.

I feel it’s important to include something that she looks forward to.  So everyday she gets a little treat, usually yogurt covered raisins or dark chocolate chips, but lately it’s something small from their halloween baskets. Then I also throw an extra snack in her lunch box for snack time, this usually is an apple sauce, Lara bar, or yogurt. I also send her a drink in an insulated water bottle. She is allowed to keep this on her desk and refill it at school as she needs.

I am planning on doing this post every Monday to give you a little weekly lunch box inspiration. This is just works in our house, so just use it as a guide!



School Lunch
Almond Butter and Apple Butter Sandwitch, Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn, Animal Crackers, a Clementine and Yogurt Raisins



Packed Lunch
Ham and Cheese Quesadilla, Annie’s Cheese Bunny Crackers, Apple Slices with Apple Butter for Dipping, Boom Chicka Pop and dark chocolate chips


Ham, Cheese, Pickles, Apples and Apple Butter, Boom Chicka Pop, and Organic Goldfish


Leftover Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla, Boom Chicka Pop, Grapes, a Tangerine, and Reeses Pieces


Grilled Ham and Cheese, grapes, a clementine, Boom Chicka Pop, M & M’s and a Lara Bar


So hopefully this gives you all some ideas! I would love to hear some of your favorite things to pack for your little monsters! Happy Monday and Hope you all have a great week! Stay tuned next week for another lunch box update!

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