Happenings on the Homestead Volume 1

Man this week has been long! What’s the saying.. When it rains, it pours? Well isn’t that the truth?! And I am not referring to the Election results what so ever. When we made the decision that homesteading was something we wanted to try we realized it would be a lot of work.  And we knew there would be trials and tribulations along the way. Homesteading is a lifestyle choice for us. Although some days and weeks are harder than others, it is still a choice we are happy we made.

Although some of this really has nothing to do with homesteading, it’s what has been going on in our lives! This week has been a particularly rough one for me!  With the kids in school they are pretty much huge germ collectors, bringing all that junk home. Both our girls had Pink Eye last week and despite my excessive disinfecting and hand washing I got infected as well! Then Monday afternoon I did something to my left foot and have barely been able to bear weight on it since. Sooooo despite my huge To Do List I attempted to take it easy. Cleaning and the countless projects I have on my plate have taken a back seat as I attempted to get back on my feet, literally. I am feeling much better today thankfully!

Big sister with her girl

To top off my awesome week a rotten hawk ended up killing our favorite chicken. This is the second chicken we lost in the past week. Although we have about 30 laying hens, this one was special. My oldest daughter had a particularly hard time losing her girl. She got her frustration out by screaming “I really don’t like you Hawk!” into the sky. But, we used it as another important life lesson. She understands  that the hawk didn’t know any better and was just getting his dinner. We know losses are a part of homesteading, but it’s still tough.

Shorty!! With a braid courtesy of    Big Sister!

On a happy note we welcomed a new animal to our tiny farm. Meet Shorty! He is a 9 year old miniature horse, with some special needs. We adopted him from friends of ours that were looking to rehome him. They took in turkeys from us last year, so they asked if we would be interested in giving him a loving home. My children have met him before and when we discussed the possibility with them we really didn’t have much of a choice! He is acclimating to his new home and     family very well!

Family Photo!!

The goats are adjusting to their new friend well and everyone is happy. In other happenings around the farm our meat chickens are getting HUGE. Check back next week for a post on our second Month with them! Also egg production from our laying hens has slowed drastically over the last few weeks. I’m pretty sure it’s a combination of the days getting shorter, the cooler weather, and the fact that most of them are molting now. We don’t do artificial light in our coop during the winter, I think it’s better for the girls to get a little break and do what’s natural for them.

So that is pretty much a round up of our happenings this week. We have soooo much going on in the next few months and I can’t wait to share it with you all. I am in the midst of planning a first birthday party and a big family trip to Disney. So I will have tons of tips and tricks to share coming soon! I have also started planning things out for Spring happenings on our tiny homestead. So lots of excitement coming up and lots to share! I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! Talk to you soon!


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