My Whole 30 Review

Soooo I have been meaning to write this post for awhile now. Ohhh ya know I completed my third round of the Whole 30 Program at the end of September and all! As you all know life is busy! There is just so much I want to say in this post! I haven’t had a good chunk of time to sit down and sift through all of the stuff in my head regarding this topic! Ahhhh…ok here is my attempt to put all of this into words.This post does contain affiliate links. But I do not endorse any product that I do not wholeheartedly believe in or use myself.

The Whole 30 program is life changing, seriously… I don’t mean to sound cliche, it really is. The Whole 30 program claims it will change you life. And before starting my first round I really didn’t expect much. I have done several diet plans over the years, but nothing really changed the way I thought about food or how my body felt. But after those 30 days every opinion I had about the way I eat has been transformed. My thoughts on food, my tastes, my eating habits and probably most importantly my emotional connection with food has changed into something positive.

It starts with Food
My first time reading it Starts with Food! Ahh look how little my babies were!

Now I haven’t always had the best relationship with food, or the best self image for that matter.  I could never be thin or fit enough and eating has always had a huge emotional connection for me. I have always been athletic and have never really been overweight, but I have always had to work very hard to stay “in shape.” After three babies I find that to be especially true. So for as long as I can remember I have always struggled with the eating and exercise balance.

In connection with my eating I have always been plagued with stomach issues. Nothing too terrible or serious that I needed to seek medical attention. But enough to be a pain in the butt. Bloating, constipation, and just overall stomach discomfort was something I just though was normal for me. Something I had to deal with. I never really thought there was a connection between the way I was feeling physically and mentally and the food I was eating.

I somewhat had a revelation when my second child was just starting to eat solid food. It was then that I really started to pay attention to what we were putting into our bodies.  After doing lots of research I stumbled upon the paleo diet and the Whole 30 program.  I read the book, It Starts with Food, and realized there could be a connection between how I feel and what I eat. And if I could change the foods my body craves I could possibly change my emotional connections with food.

Whole 30 approved work snacks!!

We eased into the Paleo diet before we did our first Whole 30. We eliminated processed foods, dairy and grains and immediately noticed a huge difference in the way we felt.  Then after our first Whole 30 my husband and I lost weight and felt amazing! Little did we know that the bloating, mood swings, and chronic headaches that plaques both of us were caused by the foods we were eating. Two weeks into our first round and all these issues were eliminated.  Our skin even looked better. And we felt better than ever!

After our third and most recent round of the Whole 30 and the results were the same as the first time. Within the first two weeks all the bloating, upset stomach and headaches, that are normal for me, disappear. The first week is rough, as your body is detoxing from all the sugar, preservatives and other yuckiness in the Standard American Diet. But as you get into the swing of things it gets easier.  You fall into a pattern and cruise through the next few weeks feeling pretty great.

There is a lot of prep needed so check out my post on our Third Round of the Whole 30 Program here!!! I always dread the end of the program because I find it easier to eat well when I have the regiment and strictness of the program. It is easier to slip up and fall back into eating junk when you have no guidelines. Or excuses for that matter. I use the “Sorry I’m on a Whole 30” as a way to avoid crappy food decision all the time!

From the program I learned that I don’t need to turn to food to make me feel good. There are better ways to deal with my stress and anxiety. I also learned other ways to reward myself. Before the Whole 30 any achievement was celebrated with food. Now I can turn to something else and be satisfied with that. I look as food as a way to nourish my body not as a reward.  But on the same note if am really craving a cupcake I will eat the freaking cupcake, enjoy every morsel and not feel bad about it. What I eat or do not eat should no affect how I feel about myself and my body. I have learned how to separate my emotions from my eating. Which is a huge deal for me and has made me a much saner and happier individual.

Now after a few weeks off of a Whole 30 I tend to slip up. I turn to easy and not so healthy food choices and start to feel crappy again. Life gets the best of me and I choose convince over health.  But the Whole 3o has given me the tools I need get back on track. I am now able to choose foods that I enjoy eating and that make me more healthy. I am a work in progress and am still trying to figure out a plan that works for my daily life. But now I have the knowledge and tools I need to feel my best. I am also able to instill good eating habits and a good relationship with food into my children from the beginning. I can be a good role model for my children because of this program.

I wish I took pictures of myself or body measurements to show you all my progress from my Whole 30’s. But to me this was so much more than losing weight. Yes I did lose weight and inches. But I also learned so much more about myself and my body. Seriously, I sound crazy! But if you are looking to lose a few pounds, help cure your chronic tummy troubles or headaches naturally, or fix you poor relationship with food start by reading It Starts with Food. Get your copy below and start your journey.

OK this post doesn’t do justice to the monumental changes this has made in my life. But I hope it has inspired some of you to make positive changes in your life. We are all a work in progress and I am all about sharing things that have helped me become better with all of you! I would love to hear all of your experiences! Share your Whole 30 journey with me in the comments! Good Luck everyone and hopefully this gives you a little inspiration for your Saturday!!



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