Back and ready to take on 2017!

Wow it’s been a while since I connected with you all! But I am back from our Disney Vacation and feel like I am rejuvenated and ready to tackle this new year! Not that the trip was relaxing or stress free, I mean seriously how can a 16 hour car ride each way and 8 days in Disney World with a six, four and one year old be stress free?? More posts on all things Disney to come, stay tuned. Back to what I was saying… I am ready to kick the crap out of 2017 and make tons of positive changes over here!

I feel like everyone has the same goals at the start of every year. Lose weight, save money… blah blah blah. But, I am totally jumping on those bandwagons this year. I have big plans to get into my best shape ever after having all these babies! After having Little Miss I feel I am struggling more then ever to “get my body back.” Thankfully my amazing hubby listened to my hints and got me a new gym membership for Christmas annnnnd the gym has daycare, which is freaking amazing! Before our trip I was going consistently and feeling great! Consistent healthy eating and working out are a priority for me this year. Not just for me for the whole family too! Thankfully the kids are such great sports and will eat almost everything I cook!

Next… Saving money and paying off debt are also on the list of things to work on this year! We just started Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and are really excited to get started on this journey! More to come on this as we get further into it, we are only just starting Baby step 2 for those of you who know the program!

Shorty is excited for the New Year!

Next on my big list of changes for the New Year comes more dates with the hubby! Seriously, I never see that man! Sometimes I feel like he is just a roommate that I pass the kids off to now and again, hahaha. But seriously, not anymore… date night are becoming a priority!

My list of things to do/change/accomplish in 2017 is long… like 20 things longs and I won’t bore you with each thing. But, I plan on sharing more with you on here, making positive changes in myself and my family, becoming more self sufficient on our little farm and possible adding some new things to our homestead! I love this time of year when the excitement is still high and everyone is still so positive! I will update you in a few months on how everything is going once the newness has worn off!!

Speaking of making positive changes I recently made a huuugge change in my real life job. Ok well maybe not that huge, but it is a big deal for me! I have worked night shift for over five years now and recently accepted dayshift position! Ahhh I am excited and nervous at the same time. I think this will be great for my personal well being, because honestly sleep deprivation doesn’t help any part of my life. But I will solo greatly miss all of my amazing night shift coworkers! I start days this coming weekend so send some good vibes my way!

As I’m attempting to finish this post I have a one year old little miss bouncing on my lap and big bro and sister begging me to play Headbandz! Making these kids my priority is on the tippy top of my list this year! So thanks for tuning in to my little life update! I plan on being way more active on my little slice of the internet and sharing tons of recipes, adventures, stories, tips and tricks with you all. I am working on putting our Disney trip into several posts… including the top 10 things we ate, my tips for doing Disney with little kids, and much much more so check back soon! Thanks to all of you for supporting the launch of Halfway Wholesome in 2016 and I cannot wait to see what 2017 will bring!

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