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Hi all! Happy Monday! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Things were good over here. I worked Saturday and then Sunday I got to spend the day at the ball field! My oldest started T-ball last week and yesterday was Opening Day. Such an exciting day for all of us, but especially for her! This is our first go around with kids sports and as a former athlete I could’t be more proud to see how much fun she is having! And let’s be honest the most important thing about T-ball is having fun, both kids and parents! We adults had a few good laughs watching todays game. For anyone who has watched a group of 5 and 6 year olds learn to play you know what I mean!

Tuesday Night Tball Practice Views

Ok back to the whole point of this post! Food! We recently decided to step into the reintroduction phase of our Whole 30 after close to 5o days on the program. To be honest we feel our best when we stick very closely to the guidelines of the Whole 30. After this being our fourth go around we know for sure that gluten and dairy make us feel like crap. So we plan of avoiding those things in our daily lives. So really mostly all of our meals last week were Whole 30 approved.

We did end up eating out twice last week, which is pretty unheard of for us. But we were able to stick to foods that make us feel good and not deprived! One afternoon was lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s, at our little man’s request. I got the salad bar and stuck to all Whole 30 approved items and topped it with Balsamic and Olive oil and I paired that with a burger. Delicious and it didn’t make me feel like crap! And yesterday after T ball we enjoyed a family dinner our with my parents at a local spot. Hubby and I both had Cobb Salad’s topped with oil and vinegar. No complaints from either of us, but we do get so much criticism from everyone else about why we are still on this “diet.” Lifestyle change is how I describe it, but everyone still thinks we are crazy! Oh well!

Up next you can find the rest of the meals we had for the week. Clink the links to find the full recipes, cook them and ENJOY! I bad at taking food pictures this week…. Sorry! So enjoy the one picture I did take!


  1. Last Monday I ended up pulling two of our home grown chickens our of the freezer and roasted them. Check out the Whole 30 cookbook for an amazingly easy recipe for Roasted Chicken! 1/2 of one we ate that night with baked potatoes and roasted carrots. With the leftover I made this amazing Buffalo Chicken Dip, that we enjoyed with sliced veggies. As well as a simple chicken salad with shredded chicken, homemade mayo, grapes, onions and pickles. Then I saved all the bones and made a ridiculous amount of Homemade Chicken Stock to restock my freezer stash. All delicious and Whole 30 approved.
  2. Homemade Stuffed Mushrooms were also on our menu last week. No recipe for this one. Just cooked some sausage, peppers, onions and some Italian spices together and stuffed all that goodness into some preroasted mushroom and enjoyed with a big salad on the side.
  3. I got some country style pork ribs at Costco for a good price last week so I followed this recipe from Mama Schquigs, just substituting homemade Whole 30 BBQ for the sauce she used. I cooked up some sautéed cabbage and potatoes and green beans for our sides. Delish, and made tons of leftovers!
  4. With T-ball practices this week our evenings were slightly rushed so we ended up having Brinner, breakfast for dinner, twice this week. Nothing fancy here, one night was a egg scramble with shredded sweet potatoes and chicken apple sausage. The other night the hubs just made the kids some “dippy”, sunny side up, eggs and served it with leftover cabbage and potatoes. Quick and easy.

    This is a pic of the same scramble but obviously not from last week… notice the snow, lol!

Leftovers consisted of the rest of our meals for the week, so it was a rather unexciting food week here! With the weather getting nicer I find we have so much more to do outside that I am wanting to spend less and less time in the kitchen. So I imagine I will have lots of grilling recipes and get it done quick things to share over the next few weeks! Hope you week is off to a great start, thanks for stopping by! Leave me a comment with some of your favorite quick and easy family meals, I am always looking for something new!


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Feels like Spring!

Don’t you just love how as soon as the weather starts warming up everything just comes back to life? I swear over the last two weeks our tiny backyard farm has totally woken up from the winter. Yes, this has been a fairly mild winter for us, but I am still sooooo happy that Spring has Sprung! Flowers are blooming, trees are blossoming, grass in being mowed…. so much life! It is truly amazing!

Waking everything up and bringing it all back to life around here takes a lot of work. Mother Nature does a ton of that for us, but there is also so much we have been doing to help things along! Cleaning out pens and runs was on the top of our list after the winter! Finally our chickens, ducks, goats and mini horse all have fresh and clean living quarters to go with the beautiful weather! We are thankful that is all done and I’m sure they are too!!

Spring is all about new life and this year we have made a big Homesteading step! We decided to forgo our trusty CSA share this year and with much urging from my hubby we are attempting to grow a fairly large garden of our own! Becoming more self sustainable has always been our goal, so this is a logical decision. But my brown thumb may come back to haunt us! We have started all of our crops from seeds and currently have our seedlings growing strong for a little while longer until we transplant them into the garden.

The kids have been super excited and so helpful every step along the way so far! From planting seeds, repotting seedlings, and helping to till our garden space. They just love any opportunity to play in the dirt! This whole gardening thing has been a ton of work and we have already hit some roadblocks along the way! Like having over half of our seedlings die because it was too hot in our greenhouse and having to start all over.  It’s a learning process and the day I harvest my first vegetable will be a monumental one for sure!  I am good at lots of things, but keeping plants alive is not one of them! So fingers crossed this all works out!

This week we spent a good amount of time tilling and prepping the spot we chose for the garden. In the next week or so we will plan out exactly where each crop will be planted and what extras we need to add to help them grow their best. Cucumber trellises, tomato cages, etc… So exciting! I am already planning all I will make with our bountiful harvest… But I better not get ahead of myself! Let’s see if we can get anything to actually produce veggies! Ahhh!

What else has been going on around here?! We planted a small strawberry patch last year and I was pretty positive they wouldn’t make it through the winter, with my brown thumb and all. Literally all we did was dig holes and throw the plants in. But much to my surprise the whole patch is thriving! So we weeded it this past week and already have some flowers! Soo exciting!

Also, when we first moved to this property a few years ago we planted a variety of  fruit trees. Two peach, two pear, and two apple trees to be exact. Last year was the first year we actually got some fruit. A handful of tiny peaches, but exciting none the less. And this year our peach and pear trees are blossoming beautifully! So hopefully this means looootttsss of fruit!

We also have blueberry and raspberry bushes that are starting to come back to life, as well as the hundreds of wild black raspberry bushes that cover our property! So if all goes well with our plants we will be totally set in the fruit and veggie department! And I will have loots of canning and preserving to do!

Other plans in the works around this place include prep for another batch of meat chickens. We plan on getting about 25 meat chicks in the next few weeks. Which we will process ourselves and will stock our freezer for months. This will be our second time growing and processing our own meat and it is a humbling experience to say the least. It is hard to take a life, but knowing we are giving our animals the best life possible makes it a littler easier.

More in chicken news… our laying hens have really been ramping up production! With the longer days and the tons of time they are getting to free range our egg basket it overflowing! So thankfully we have been sticking to the Whole 30 where we are eating a ton of eggs! And we were able to dye eggs from our own chickens for the first time this Easter, which was pretty awesome!

Much to the kid’s excitement we have also  added 6 new baby chicks and 2 baby ducklings to our homestead. The ducklings recently made the transition out of the brooder and outside with the big guys and they are adjusting amazingly well! They are loving the fresh air and unlimited access to the pool! The chicks are still in the brooder until they get a bit bigger. The 3 Jersey Giants, 2 Silkies and 1 Bantam will make beautiful additions to our flock!

So much excitement and new life around of tiny farm! I absolutely love this time of year. Lots of work will hopefully bring us lots of deliciousness over the next few months! What Spring projects are occupying all of your time?? I would love to hear! Also please send all of your gardening tips and prayers this way. I need all the help I can get in that department! Thanks for reading!!

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Taco Beef and Veggie Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

I am always on the hunt for new family friendly recipes. And with us now on our fourth round of the Whole 30 adding variety to our meals is key. What is the phrase? Variety is the spice of life?! So true right? So this time I am doing my best to mix up our meals and try lots of new things!

Now for me, I tend to find something I like will stick with it. I will eat it day in and day out. Have you been following my salad obsession on Instagram??? Now this is totally cool if I do this for my lunches, but not so cool for family dinner. I need to mix things up or no one will eat, well besides me!  My husband totally needs variety keep him entertained, and if I am going to keep him excited about this Whole 30 craziness I need to serve him food he will want to eat! This time the tons of new recipes I have been trying are really making this round easy! My husband even mentioned that this has been the easiest round yet!

So easy and enjoyable that we decided to extend it out an extra 30 days to see if we can get some pesky skin and GI issues to totally clear up. Day 39 today and we are both feeling pretty great. And I am totally seeing some improvement in my skin just in the last week. Win, Win! But this is a whole different topic for another time…

Back to the real point here! Variety, Healthy Dinners, Family Friendly Recipes! That was what I was really taking about, right?! Every Whole 30’er with little kids needs some go to recipes that please the whole family. And I am always on the hunt for such recipes! I refuse to make two dinners and my kiddos start to get bored with meat, potatoes and veggies after awhile. So I started throwing things together and came up with this awesome Taco Beef and Veggie mix that can be stuffed into Sweet Potatoes for a healthy, filling and well rounded meal everyone will love. It can also eaten alone, or over a salad. Whatever works for you!

So give this a try and please, please let me know what you all think! I would love to hear what family friendly Whole 30 recipes are favorites in your house! Thanks for stopping in and come back again soon!!


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Taco Beef and Veggie Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Whole 30 Approved Family Favorite
Prep Time 20 Minutes
Cook Time 20 Minutes
Prep Time 20 Minutes
Cook Time 20 Minutes
  1. Brown Ground Beef (I used lean grass fed ground beef so there was very little grease to drain off, depending on the type of beef you use you may need to drain off the grease after browning your meat)
  2. While beef is browning dice and shred your veggies
  3. After beef is browned add in diced onions, bell peppers, and jalapeño. Saute over medium heat for about 3 minutes or until veggies begin to soften
  4. Add in garlic and cook for another minute
  5. Add shredded carrots, zucchini, diced tomatoes, salsa and spices to your meat mix. Add salt to taste. Stir and simmer for about 10 more minutes.
  6. While Taco mix is simmering, cook your potatoes. I am always in a rush with dinner so I just wash them, poke a few holes in each and microwave them for about 10 minutes or until they are soft. If you have tons of time you can always cook them in the oven for about an hour at 400 degrees.
  7. Once your Taco Mix and Sweet Potatoes are cooked, slice and stuff your potatoes with your mix, top with some Guacamole and Cilantro and Enjoy!!!
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