Meal Plan Monday

How is it Monday already?! I feel like I just published last week’s edition of Meal Plan Monday! Man these last few weeks of summer are just flying by! And we are desperately trying to savor every last second. My mind is spinning in all directions! I’m still partially stuck in summer mode, but also starting to make mental notes of all that needs to get done before school starts. I have decided I’m giving myself two more weeks of full on summer until I have to start worrying about all of that!

As for our meals… I have been doing a little better with the meal prep and planning. And we have been taking full advantage of the abundance of fresh vegetables we have been plucking from our garden daily. Our zucchini is still going strong, so that has been gracing our plates pretty much daily. Over run with zucchini as well? Check out last week’s Meal Plan Monday post here for two of my favorite recipes! And check out this post completely dedicated to what to do with all that freaking zucchini!

Most of my time in the kitchen has been spent preserving all these veggies for winter storage lately. So dinner is always an after thought! Tonight I threw some ribs in the oven low and slow while I pickled tons of cucumbers and beets and prepped a ridiculous amount of zucchini for freezing! I paired the ribs with the easiest potato salad ever, fresh green beans from the garden and some corn on the cob. Easy peasy and pretty delicious!

Check out some of my favorite recipes from last week and please feel free to share your favorite summer meals with me in the comments! We are always looking for new ideas!


Meal Plan Monday Recipes

  1. Slow Cooker Kalua Pig– I have shared this recipe before and it makes an appearance in my meal plan at least once a month! Throw everything in the slow cooker and bam in a few hours your have amazingness! There are endless things you can do with this awesome pork and the leftovers are amazing! Follow the link to Nom Nom Paleo’s recipe and you will not be disappointed!
  2. Zoodles! – No real recipe here, I literally spiral sliced some zucchini and topped with onions and sweet peppers that I cooked in Organic Marinara Sauce from Aldi and added some Sweet Italian Sausage on the side. Simple and so good!
  3. Sticky Apple Cider BBQ Chicken– Something about BBQ chicken just screams summer! This recipe is amazing and is the perfect summer meal. Pair it with veggies or a big salad and there ya have it! Follow the link to the recipe and try it for yourself! 

OK there you have it! Some new ideas to add to your menus for the week. What is on your meal plan for the upcoming week? And are you still in summer mode or shifting gears and getting ready for all that fall has to bring? Leave me a comment!

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