About Me

Hi All and thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to stop in! My name is Tarah and I am a wife, mom of three, Registered Nurse, and backyard homesteader attempting to guide my family down a Wholesome path… I’d like to think we are Halfway there.

Over the past 8+ years of marriage my husband and I have moved around quite a bit, as my husband Collin was serving in the US Air Force.  He has since separated from the military and we have settled back in both of our home state of Pennsylvania. We currently live on a 5.5 acre little slice of heaven.  Here we are starting to branch into the world of backyard farming and homesteading and have really started to explore all of the amazing things our community has to offer.

We dove head first into the world of backyard chickens and our flock has quickly grow.  We also recently purchased three goats to add to our homestead. Along with the chickens and goats we also have three Pekin Ducks… Peaches, Kristoff and our new adopted girl Daisy. Tack on three labrador retrievers and things can get pretty busy around here.  To say our life is a little crazy is an understatement.

I currently work weekend nights as an RN at a local hospital and my husband has a rather demanding job that keeps him at work for long hours during the week.  I am very thankful to have a career with an alternate schedule that allows me to be home with my littles all week, but night shift has its demands as well. Although, we manage to make our hectic schedules work for us!

A little over three years ago I took a long, hard look at our lifestyle and realized there was a lot we needed to change.  Starting with the food we ate.  I had somewhat of a revelation when making my 2 year olds lunch one day.  She was in a phase where all she would eat was cheese crackers and fruit snacks.  I took a step back a realized how little real food she was actually eating and that I was the one actually giving her this junk.  After tons of internet research and lots of trial and error I found how much food affects the way we feel.

From that point on I have been on a mission to promote the healthiest life possible for my family. That meant filling our bellies with real, nutritious food.  Sourcing our food locally and providing what we can at home for ourselves has become so important.  We sought out local, grass fed meats and produce free of pesticides.  This lead us to discover amazing local farms and a CSA that we absolutely love. It has also helped us discover foods we can grow and raise on our own.

Nothing off limits and I plan of sharing all aspects of our crazy life. Recipes we love, adventures we take, the struggles we go through, and things that work or don’t work for us. I love exercising, crossfit and running so expect those topics to come up as well. So again thanks for stopping by, take your time and look around and hopefully you will be inspired. I do not claim to be an expert on anything and everything you find here is what we enjoy and what works for us! I look forward to connecting with you all!