Meal Plan Monday

How is it Monday already?! I feel like I just published last week’s edition of Meal Plan Monday! Man these last few weeks of summer are just flying by! And we are desperately trying to savor every last second. My mind is spinning in all directions! I’m still partially stuck in summer mode, but also starting to make mental notes of all that needs to get done before school starts. I have decided I’m giving myself two more weeks of full on summer until I have to start worrying about all of that!

As for our meals… I have been doing a little better with the meal prep and planning. And we have been taking full advantage of the abundance of fresh vegetables we have been plucking from our garden daily. Our zucchini is still going strong, so that has been gracing our plates pretty much daily. Over run with zucchini as well? Check out last week’s Meal Plan Monday post here for two of my favorite recipes! And check out this post completely dedicated to what to do with all that freaking zucchini!

Most of my time in the kitchen has been spent preserving all these veggies for winter storage lately. So dinner is always an after thought! Tonight I threw some ribs in the oven low and slow while I pickled tons of cucumbers and beets and prepped a ridiculous amount of zucchini for freezing! I paired the ribs with the easiest potato salad ever, fresh green beans from the garden and some corn on the cob. Easy peasy and pretty delicious!

Check out some of my favorite recipes from last week and please feel free to share your favorite summer meals with me in the comments! We are always looking for new ideas!


Meal Plan Monday Recipes

  1. Slow Cooker Kalua Pig– I have shared this recipe before and it makes an appearance in my meal plan at least once a month! Throw everything in the slow cooker and bam in a few hours your have amazingness! There are endless things you can do with this awesome pork and the leftovers are amazing! Follow the link to Nom Nom Paleo’s recipe and you will not be disappointed!
  2. Zoodles! – No real recipe here, I literally spiral sliced some zucchini and topped with onions and sweet peppers that I cooked in Organic Marinara Sauce from Aldi and added some Sweet Italian Sausage on the side. Simple and so good!
  3. Sticky Apple Cider BBQ Chicken– Something about BBQ chicken just screams summer! This recipe is amazing and is the perfect summer meal. Pair it with veggies or a big salad and there ya have it! Follow the link to the recipe and try it for yourself! 

OK there you have it! Some new ideas to add to your menus for the week. What is on your meal plan for the upcoming week? And are you still in summer mode or shifting gears and getting ready for all that fall has to bring? Leave me a comment!

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Meal Plan Monday including Two of My Favorite Zucchini recipes!

Hello!! It has been way way too long since you all have heard from me! I guess we have gotten a little caught up in all the excitement that summer brings! But I finally got my shit together to update you all on our happenings and share some of the wonderful recipes we have been cooking up around here lately!

We have been busy. Busy, busy checking things off our summer bucket list! Now I am not one to sit still for very long and with the extra freedom and longer days of summer we have been taking full advantage of all our time together! Hikes, swimming, amusement parks, drive ins, live music in the park… we have been having so much fun! Add all of that fun to the work of keeping up with our tiny farm and working jobs outside of the home and that doesn’t leave much extra time in the day! But I am back and so happy to reconnect with you all!

I think our favorite trip so far this summer was last week when we spent the day at Hershey Park! We looove it there and had such a fun time this year! If you are ever in Pennsylvania plan a trip and don’t forget to hit up Chocolate World and the Great American Chocolate Tour! You learn all about how their chocolate is made! Always the most favorite part of our trip and you get a free candy bar! So fun and what isn’t there to love about a place that smells like chocolate!

Ooook enough about how busy we are and on to what we have been eating! On the meal front we have been keeping things super simple and seasonal over here! Our garden has been doing much better than we expected so we have been reaping the benefits of lots of fresh produce! Mostly green beans, zucchini, kohlrabi and cucumbers for right now, but so much more is coming soon! Grilled meats, veggies, salads and potatoes have been our staples! I do have a couple of delicious recipes to share with you this week that hopefully you can add into your summer meal rotation! I am also sharing with you two of my favorite ways to eat zucchini if you have an over abundance like we do! 

Check out these awesome recipes and clink the link and head over to the original posts to find them! Let me know what you you and what you all are loving to eat this time of year!



  1. Greek Bowl with Meatballs– OMG this recipe was amazing! We subbed rice for the couscous and it was all delicious! Follow the link to Our Life Tastes Good and make this recipe! Your family and your taste buds will scream with delight!
  2. Paleo General Tso’s Chicken– I work weekends and I have been doing a pretty good job at batch cooking on Fridays so the fridge is stocked while I’m at work. This past Friday I made this delicious recipe from Ancestral Nutrition! Way better than takeout with the bonus of knowing exactly what you are eating! This was a huge hit with the whole family. I served it with rice and broccoli.
  3. Baked Parmesan Zucchini– This recipe from Damn Delicious has been the best side dish to all of our grilled meats lately! Easy and tasty, just the way I like it!
  4. Grilled Lemon Garlic Zucchini– Another great recipe from Damn Delicious and another great accompaniment for any summertime dinner!
  5. Kohlrabi, Potato and Sausage Hash- I can’t even include a recipe for this because I literally just threw things together. Sautéed some fresh picked, peeled and diced Kohlrabi from our garden with diced potatoes and some diced Mango Jalapeño Sausage in a skillet in everything was tender and cooked through. I served it as a main dish one night with a salad and ate it as a side the next night! So good!



So there is a little wrap up of what we have been eating lately and what has been keeping us busy! Stay tuned for more of our shenanigans! Hopefully you all are having a great summer and making amazing memories with you family! Take time to disconnect and really enjoy the quality time you have, I cannot stress how important that has become to us! Please feel to share your favorite summer activities and recipes with me, I would love to hear all that you have going on!


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Meal Plan Monday and a Bonus Cabbage Roll Skillet Recipe!

These past few weeks I feel like I have gotten soooo lazy in the cooking department! Our meals have gotten seriously simple over here! Between running kiddos to all of their activities and all the chores that need to get done around here I just don’t have time! Now that the weather is nice, cooking has moved down on my priority list! I think most moms can relate, right?!? So I am all about quick, easy and healthy meals I can throw together in a matter of minutes! I think that has been the theme of most of my Meal Plan Monday’s lately! Ahhh lazy mom’s unite!

Also hello warm weather! That makes me want to cook even less! Soooo break out the grill people! That will make your lives soooo much easier this time of year! We have been serving some type of grilled meat, potatoes, veggies and salad on repeat around here… and no one is complaining! When time is really tight and grilling is not a option I have been breaking out the crock pot. And no the crock pot is not only for the fall and winter! Crock pot carnitas has become a weekly staple in our house. And the leftovers have unlimited possibilities… double win!

This week’s edition of Meal Plan Monday is full of eaaassyyy, peasy, healthy meals! We don’t have time to be slaving in the kitchen this time of year! So please leave me a comment with your go to easy meals and let me know what you think of all these delicious recipes! Happy Monday All!! Start your week great!



  1. One pot meals are a huge time saver in both the cooking and cleaning process! I make a mean cabbage roll skillet with just four ingredients that my family loves! Check out the recipe at the end of this post!
  2. Like I mentioned before Crock Pot Carnitas have been my go to lately! Pile that delicious pork over rice if that’s your thing, or over a huge salad if you are like us! Top with salsa, guac and fresh cilantro to make the perfect meal!! Check out MariaMakes for an amazing recipe that makes tooonns of leftovers!
  3. Ok now this recipe took a little prep but was delicious none the less! I have been meaning to try Sarah’s recipe for Thai Meatball and Egg Drop Soup from her blog A Saucy Kitchen for a long time now. I finally made it last week and I’m in love! So satisfying and full of flavor. Check out the recipe here!
  4. Another easy and satisfying one pot family favorite in our house is steak fajitas! Jessica from Easy Living Today has a great recipe! Find it here!
  5. We are using up the last of my freezer stash of home grown chickens and this Beer Can Chicken recipe from Jo Cooks is AMAZING! So juicy! I did mine in the oven like her recipe and eliminated the brown sugar. But you can also make a mean chicken on the grill as well!
  6. Last recipe for this week is this tasty and family friendly recipe for Sausage Pizza Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes from The Paleo Running Momma! Ahhh all adults and kids in our house devoured them all!


Thanks for stopping by today! Hopefully you will find a meal or two your family will love in this bunch! Don’t be shy to leave me a comment with what you think!

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Paleo Cabbage Roll Skillet
Remember those homey cabbage rolls Grandma spent hours making?! Well here is my lazy mom interpretation! It only takes four ingredients to make this one pot, satisfying, comfort food!
  1. Brown ground beef in your skillet
  2. Once beef is browned add sliced cabbage, tomato juice, and salt to skillet
  3. Cover and cook on medium heat until cabbage is tender. About 20 minutes.
  4. Enjoy!!
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Meal Plan Monday

Hi all! Happy Monday! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Things were good over here. I worked Saturday and then Sunday I got to spend the day at the ball field! My oldest started T-ball last week and yesterday was Opening Day. Such an exciting day for all of us, but especially for her! This is our first go around with kids sports and as a former athlete I could’t be more proud to see how much fun she is having! And let’s be honest the most important thing about T-ball is having fun, both kids and parents! We adults had a few good laughs watching todays game. For anyone who has watched a group of 5 and 6 year olds learn to play you know what I mean!

Tuesday Night Tball Practice Views

Ok back to the whole point of this post! Food! We recently decided to step into the reintroduction phase of our Whole 30 after close to 5o days on the program. To be honest we feel our best when we stick very closely to the guidelines of the Whole 30. After this being our fourth go around we know for sure that gluten and dairy make us feel like crap. So we plan of avoiding those things in our daily lives. So really mostly all of our meals last week were Whole 30 approved.

We did end up eating out twice last week, which is pretty unheard of for us. But we were able to stick to foods that make us feel good and not deprived! One afternoon was lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s, at our little man’s request. I got the salad bar and stuck to all Whole 30 approved items and topped it with Balsamic and Olive oil and I paired that with a burger. Delicious and it didn’t make me feel like crap! And yesterday after T ball we enjoyed a family dinner our with my parents at a local spot. Hubby and I both had Cobb Salad’s topped with oil and vinegar. No complaints from either of us, but we do get so much criticism from everyone else about why we are still on this “diet.” Lifestyle change is how I describe it, but everyone still thinks we are crazy! Oh well!

Up next you can find the rest of the meals we had for the week. Clink the links to find the full recipes, cook them and ENJOY! I bad at taking food pictures this week…. Sorry! So enjoy the one picture I did take!


  1. Last Monday I ended up pulling two of our home grown chickens our of the freezer and roasted them. Check out the Whole 30 cookbook for an amazingly easy recipe for Roasted Chicken! 1/2 of one we ate that night with baked potatoes and roasted carrots. With the leftover I made this amazing Buffalo Chicken Dip, that we enjoyed with sliced veggies. As well as a simple chicken salad with shredded chicken, homemade mayo, grapes, onions and pickles. Then I saved all the bones and made a ridiculous amount of Homemade Chicken Stock to restock my freezer stash. All delicious and Whole 30 approved.
  2. Homemade Stuffed Mushrooms were also on our menu last week. No recipe for this one. Just cooked some sausage, peppers, onions and some Italian spices together and stuffed all that goodness into some preroasted mushroom and enjoyed with a big salad on the side.
  3. I got some country style pork ribs at Costco for a good price last week so I followed this recipe from Mama Schquigs, just substituting homemade Whole 30 BBQ for the sauce she used. I cooked up some sautéed cabbage and potatoes and green beans for our sides. Delish, and made tons of leftovers!
  4. With T-ball practices this week our evenings were slightly rushed so we ended up having Brinner, breakfast for dinner, twice this week. Nothing fancy here, one night was a egg scramble with shredded sweet potatoes and chicken apple sausage. The other night the hubs just made the kids some “dippy”, sunny side up, eggs and served it with leftover cabbage and potatoes. Quick and easy.

    This is a pic of the same scramble but obviously not from last week… notice the snow, lol!

Leftovers consisted of the rest of our meals for the week, so it was a rather unexciting food week here! With the weather getting nicer I find we have so much more to do outside that I am wanting to spend less and less time in the kitchen. So I imagine I will have lots of grilling recipes and get it done quick things to share over the next few weeks! Hope you week is off to a great start, thanks for stopping by! Leave me a comment with some of your favorite quick and easy family meals, I am always looking for something new!


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Meal Plan Monday

Hi all! I’m back with another installment of meal plan Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed your first day of Spring today! We are currently still snow covered over here, boo! But the forecast calls for warmer weather this week, so we are hoping for a huge melt and green grass soon! I’m so over this winter and am soo ready for Spring flowers!

As you know we are currently in the midst of another Whole 30! Soooo again all of the recipes featured in this post are Whole 30 Approved, or I made a few tweaks to make them Whole 30. We are currently on Day 22 and I feel like this round is flying by. I have been thinking of extending this round out a little past the 30 day mark, because I have some skin issues I am hoping will improve with a cleaner diet, but we will see!

We have really been mixing things up this round and trying lots of new and delicious recipes. Which has really helped the time fly by and has kept us from getting bored. My husband even mentioned today that the foods we have been eating have been so delicious that he really has no desire to go back to eating Standard American foods. Now this is a huge step for my sweet treat loving man!

OOOk on to the recipes!


  1. Best Ever Pork Roast and Sauerkraut– Lori at the Kitchen Whisperer has an amazing recipe for pork and sauerkraut! This meal is complete comfort food for me and bring back so many memories! I subbed a chopped whole apple and a smudge of apple juice for the brown sugar in this recipe to make it Whole 30 compliant.
  2. Shepard’s Pie with Sweet Potato Topping– I guess this week was all about comfort food for us. This recipe was another homey and delicious meal. I got grass fed ground beef on sale last week and this was a great way to use it up! Full of meat and veggies! Follow the link to Stacie’s recipe on the Real Food Dietitians site!! Sorry my picture is ugly, it really is delicious!
  3. Chicken Cacciatore– Purchase the Whole 30 book, it is filled with so manx amazing recipes! We made the Chicken Cacciatore with a whole roasted chicken that we raised ourselves and it was delicious. I served it over a baked potato for the hubby and I and over rice made with homemade bone broth for the kiddos! Check out my recipe for homemade broth here. Follow the link to the Whole 30 website for the recipe or just do yourself a huge favor and buy the book!

The rest of our meals I don’t really have recipes for! We made The Perfect Burger from the Whole 30 cookbook twice last week. We also had a ground beef and veggie stir fry and beef stew, both recipes that I am perfecting and should have up on here soon! Aidells’s Chicken and Apple Sausage with a side of veggies was another meal. And if you follow me on Instagram you know I have been on a salad kick lately so almost every meal has been accompanied by a salad. As well as leftovers with salads for lunch. Hey stick with what works!

Ooookkk so here are at least three hopefully new recipes that you can incorporate into your meal plan! Variety in your meals keeps things interesting and prevents you from getting bored.

Please leave me a comment and share your favorite Whole 30 recipes with me, I would loooove to give them a try!

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Meal Plan Monday 5

Hello Friends! It’s another edition of Meal Plan Monday here on the blog. I am coming at you a little late today. The day really got away from me today. We are planning for a huge winter storm tomorrow here in Pennsylvania and there was a lot that we needed to get done here on the home front. Being that it is already Mid March and this is our first (and hopefully only) huge storm of the Winter I’d say we are lucky. But to say everyone is panicking is an understatement. Now we are pretty calm and collected over here. The fridge is stocked with healthy, Whole 30 food. The 4 wheeler is gassed up and ready to plow us out and the generator is on standby just in case!

Now filling the fridge was my first priority today. And man those lines were huge at the store! Thankfully I didn’t need to stock up on milk, bread and eggs like everyone else.  I made an abbreviated meal plan for this week and just purchased enough for several healthy dinners.  We are on our third week of our Whole 30 and things are going pretty good! And last week we had a few really delicious meals… check them out below and click the link to take you to the original recipe!


  1. Balsamic Beef Roast and Veggies– This recipe from Sarah at The Magical Slow Cooker was delicious! I loooove slow cooker recipes, and especially ones that taste great! Very easy and a great way to serve the beef roast I got on sale. Score!
  2. The Perfect Burger– Who doesn’t love a good burger? Steph from Stupid Easy Paleo got it right with this recipe! These were great and definitely took care of our burger cravings! I served mine with a salad and a side of sautéed cabbage. Delish and very satisfying! And I have been on a salad kick lately so this was awesome!
  3. Balsamic Roasted Pork Chops– My parents brought over pork chops for dinner one night and I just happened to have this recipe on my to try list! Amy from A Healthy Life for Me has so many amazing recipes on her blog and this one did not disappoint! We omitted the honey to make them Whole 30 compliant and they were great! And tasted delicious as leftovers the next day.
  4. Sweet and Savory Blueberry Omelet– We may have eaten this recipe a few times over the past week. Twice for brunch and once for dinner to be honest! Again from Steph at Stupid Easy Paleo this one fulfilled our sweet and savory cravings while on the Whole 30.

So there ya have it, our recipe roundup from last week! All of these we made Whole 30 Approved and were delicious and satisfying. The rest of our meals consisted of Eggplant Lasagna, an awesome Chicken Lettuce Wrap recipe I am working on, and tooonnnss of salads for me. Stay tuned next week for more awesome, Whole 30 approved Family meals! Hopefully this gives you a little inspiration!

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Meal Plan Monday 4

Happy Monday Friends! It’s that time again… time for me to fill you in on all my favorite recipes from last week! As I mentioned in my post last week we are doing another Whole 30. After our Disney Trip and a few crazy busy weeks around here we are in need of a little reset. And the Whole 30 Program is our go to when we need to get back on track!

We have a few Whole 30’s under our belt now so getting ready and adjusted to being on the program isn’t too hard for us anymore. Check out my post on our last round here! So in the spirit of the Whole 30 all of the recipes I have to share this week are Whole 30 approved. Now we are a family of five, two adults and three kiddos. And when we do the Whole 30 all of the dinners I make for the family are Whole 30 approved and everyone eats the same thing. I refuse to make separate dinners for the kids, and thankfully our kiddos are great eaters! Now breakfast and lunches for them may look a little different that what my husband and I are eating, and will include some non approved foods.

For all of us, these were our favorite recipes of the week! Again they all fit into my New Year’s theme of quick, easy and budget friendly. So check out these awesome Whole 30 Friendly Recipes and let me know what you think! Some are my recipes and others are from some amazing bloggers!


  1. Whole 30 Sloppy Joe Bowls– Even though we are doing a Whole 30 I still try to find recipes that the kids will enjoy as well. This is a family favorite in our house and a bit of a comfort food! We topped baked sweet potatoes with this awesomeness! Thank you Chrissa from Physical Kitchness for this crowd pleaser! 
  2. The Best Pork Chop Ever– Katie from I am Katie definitely hit the nail on the head with the name of this recipe! Crispy and perfectly seasoned! Even my one year old gobbled hers up! Wonderful for lunch the next day as well.
  3. Hearty Chicken and Vegetable Soup– I made this recipe minus the chicken this week and it lasted us days! Filling and delicious. I love me a big bowl of soup!
  4. Paleo Meatloaf– Shanti from Life Made Full has this amazing meatloaf recipe on her blog! I did not have three pounds of ground beef like the recipe called for so I subbed in one pound of Whole 30 compliant Italian sausage and it turned out amazing! Great for breakfast and lunch as well!


So those are our favorite recipes from last week! These recipes made a ton of leftovers too, which was perfect for lunches the next day! That helps cut down on some of the food prep during a Whole 30! Stay tuned later this week for a detailed account of everything I ate during my first week of this round of the Whole 30 Program!!Hopefully this gives you all some new recipes to try and add into your meal plan! Leave me a comment with your favorite Whole 30 recipes!


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Meal Plan Monday 3

Back again with another Meal Plan Monday! Every week when I sit down to write this post I am astonished at how quickly the week has flown by! Scary! This past week we enjoyed several days of amazing weather! Playing outside at the park with the kids in jeans and a short sleeve shirt?? Pretty much unheard of for February in Pennsylvania. None the less we enjoyed every second of those beautiful days. And are back to more characteristic February weather today… cool 40 degrees.

This week is grocery shopping week for me. So today I am snuggling a sick baby and attempting to make a meal plan. The hubby and I also decided to start another Whole 30 today so all of my meals for the next few weeks will be Whole 30 approved. If you have been following for a little while you know we recently went on a family vacation to Disney. We completely enjoyed our time there, which included indulging in delicious food! Now not all of those foods were “healthy.” So we feel we need another little reset now that we are back home and back into our routine.

This morning I also started reading Melissa Hartwig’s Newest Book… Food Freedom Forever. I am only a few pages in and it is already AMAZING. Everyone has a connection with food. But, putting  yourself in control of the way you interact with food can be a challenge. Melissa’s Whole 30 program gives you a chance to “reset” your health, eating habits and your complete relationship with food. And “food freedom” is what you can obtain. I cannot wait to finish it!

Drawing on the cover thanks to my creative 1 year old!

Part of Food Freedom for me is our ability to enjoy our Disney Vacation whole heartedly!  We enjoyed food we do not normal eat, because it is what we wanted to do. We did not feel bad or guilty about one thing we enjoyed there. Now it’s time to do a Whole 30, because that helps us to feel good as well. Stay tuned for a post later this week detailing all of the deliciousness we enjoyed at Walt Disney World!

Now onto the recipes of the week. Oookkk I am going to be completely honest here… Last week I was a slacker in the kitchen. Two kiddos were and still are sick. We also enjoyed the weather a little too much and dinner became somewhat of an afterthought most days. But, I do still have two

amazing recipes to share with you this week! I was also a huge slacker in the picture department… so forgive me for the lack of food pictures!

The following recipes come from some amazing bloggers, follow the links to the original recipe!

  1. Halal Cart Chicken and Rice– We eat a fair amount of rice on a normal basis. It is gluten free and a grain that make us feel good, so a good amount of our meals contain rice. I have been searching for new and different recipes and came across this one from Sabrina at Dinner then Dessert. Great combination of flavors, easy to good, and enjoyed by our whole family!
  2. Easy Oven Fajitas– One pan meals are my favorite and Beth from Budget Bytes came up with this easy and delicious oven steak fajita recipe. We ate ours in a bowl with lettuce, salsa and guacamole and they were awesome! Her website is full of so many healthy and budget friend;y recipes we love!

Like I said before I was a cooking slacker last week so these are the only two recipes I have to share… sad face emoji. Our other meals consisted of a one pan chicken and veggie dish I am working on, leftovers and take out! But tune in next week for lots of Whole 30 approved recipes! Have a great Monday and please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know of your families favorite healthy weeknight dinners! I am always looking for new things to try!



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